Real British Sausages in the USA

Finally, proper sausages that taste like they’re supposed to! At Jolly Posh Foods, we provide expertly prepared and delicious British sausages in the USA, taking our customers on a taste journey back home. 

We ship nationwide, all year round, and deliver our high-quality British butchers’ sausages to households across America.


Enjoy a Taste of Home With Our Authentic British Sausages

Our best-selling Traditional Pork Bangers are delicately seasoned, just as they should be, and are perfect for a Full English Breakfast. For more robustly seasoned sausages, our range of flavours includes Pork & Leek, Pork & Apple, Pork & Herb, Cumberland, Lincolnshire, and gluten-free options.

If this is your first time shopping with us, we highly recommend our British Sausage Selection Box, which contains a variety of sausages from across our product range and is ideal for sampling our range and finding your favourites.

We have been making proper British meats in the USA since 2009 and founded Jolly Posh Foods with a single purpose - to provide you with a true taste of home.

For many Brits, sausages are a comfort food that brings back fond memories of childhood meals or special occasions. Eating succulent sausages can evoke feelings of warmth, nostalgia, and comfort. With our British sausages, we aim to recreate your favourite memories while delivering the highest quality, flavourful meats.


If you’re looking for somewhere to buy British sausages in America, our selection of authentic British sausages brings the taste of the UK right to your table! With a commitment to quality and flavour, we source only the finest ingredients to craft our “English bangers” (as they can be referred to in the USA) that remain true to that distinctive British taste!


Our promise to you:

  • Free shipping and thermal packing on orders over $100
  • Delicious, classic British sausage varieties
  • Meticulous preparation and packaging, right to your door
  • A first-class service, from placing your order to delivery
  • Authentic produce that reflects the British heritage

We Don’t Just Supply Sausages; We Provide a Complete British Experience

With Jolly Posh Foods; you can make yourself a perfect British breakfast here in the USA. Are you craving the unique taste of British black pudding, some sizzling British bacon, or gasping for a proper cup of Taylor's English Breakfast Tea? Head over to our pantry to discover some favourites that are ideal for proper British fry-ups!

Additionally, our British Boxes are a customer favourite! Here, you can grab many of our much-loved foods, such as a Lorne Sausage Sandwich BoxBritish Breakfast BoxIrish Breakfast Box, and much more! 

Indulge in the taste of Britain with our authentic selection, and grab your English sausages online today!

Free Shipping on All Orders Over $100. Or, Stock Up and Save More!

If there’s one thing that the Brits love, it’s finding a good deal! We offer free shipping and thermal packing on all orders over $100 and better yet, you can receive an extra $20 off your order if you spend over $200.

We typically ship packages within 24 - 48 hours of receiving an order. For more information and our terms and conditions, please visit our shipping policy page.

We pride ourselves on packaging your English sausages in a secure and timely fashion. As your delivery contains perishable goods, the utmost care and attention is given during processing your order, and we strongly recommend that you are on hand to receive your goods! 


We are incredibly confident that you will love your order of English bangers, and offer a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee if it’s not your cup of tea.

If you’re struggling to find somewhere to buy British sausages in America, we have been providing premium-quality foods since 2009. We are committed to continually providing the taste of authentic British cuisine and first-class service to our valued customers across the USA.


Frequently Asked Questions

A banger is a nickname that the British and Irish give to sausages. The nickname “bangers” originated during World War II, when rationing was common and meat was scarce. Bangers have two distinct characteristics – they have a much softer texture and are much less salty than their American and continental counterparts. Indeed, our sausages are 45% less salty than typical American sausages.

Whether you're making a heart-warming sausage casserole or cooking British bangers and mash, we have the ideal choice of sausage for you. If traditional English breakfast sausages are your thing, we have Traditional Pork Bangers or Pork and Herb Bangers. You could try our Pork and Leek, Pork and Apple, or Beef and Onion for a twist on the classic sausage.

You could opt for one of our British Boxes, which contain a mixture of foods. Our British Breakfast Box consists of four packs of sausages so you can enjoy different tastes at each meal time, or you could try our Scottish Selection Box which contains beef and onion British bangers, black pudding, Scottish haggis, and more!

We ship out packages on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week. If you order at the start of the week you can typically expect your package to ship within 24 - 48 hours of receiving an order. Orders received Thursday to Sunday will be held for dispatch the following week as our products are highly perishable and we don’t want frozen goodies having to transit over the weekend.

We typically ship packages within 24 - 48 hours of receiving an order. Shipping times may vary depending on your location, but we strive to deliver your British sausages as quickly as possible in secure thermal packaging, ensuring they arrive fresh.

At the moment, we only offer shipping of our British sausages within the USA. We are unable to deliver to international locations.

At Jolly Posh we make popular renditions of classic bangers from home, using all US ingredients. There are over 300 different types of bangers sold in Britain & Ireland, and our true measure of authenticity is our expat and Anglophile customers who have purchased well over a million sausages and counting of our sausages over the last 12 years. Our bangers are stuffed into natural casings until they are thick, juicy and generously sized, just like buying from your local butcher back home.

Our bangers are made with prime cuts of quality pork that we source in the Midwest, and that is reared without the use of hormones. We produce our bangers in small batches in a licensed USDA-certified production facility. Each batch is traditionally seasoned with high-quality herbs and spices for an authentic balance of flavors, texture, size and shape.  Great-tasting bangers require great-tasting ingredients, and ours are:

  • Plump with shiny skins
  • Well-packed with no air bubbles
  • Made fresh (not fully cooked)
  • Blast frozen directly after production to preserve freshness and quality
  • Made with only 5% breadcrumbs to blend the meat and spices
  • In high-quality, natural pork casings
  • Contain no Nitrites, Nitrates or MSG

Bangers are typically made using salt and black or white pepper as the backbone for the seasoning blend, supported by cloves, ginger, nutmeg, mace, cayenne pepper and others. The most commonly used herbs are sage, parsley, chives, thyme, oregano, marjoram, mint, and rosemary. Each of our bangers is made with a different seasoning blend using a selection of the ingredients above. We believe in full transparency, and you’ll see that the product descriptions for each banger clearly indicates the seasonings used. For example, our Traditional Bangers are seasoned with white pepper, nutmeg, and ginger.

The good news is that our bangers are not fully cooked. Our bangers are made raw and immediately ‘blast frozen’ for freshness and quality. Part of the fun of bangers is in the cooking, and by locking in the freshness we can ensure that you purchase products that are fitting of the heritage and tradition of butcher shops in Britain and Ireland.