Frequently Asked Questions

What are bangers?

A banger is a nickname that the British and Irish give to sausages. The nickname “bangers” originated during World War II, when rationing was common and meat was scarce. Bangers have two distinct characteristics – they have a much softer texture and are much less salty than their American and continental counterparts. Indeed, our sausages are 45% less salty than typical American sausages.

What is back bacon?

British & Irish bacon is traditionally called “back bacon” because it is made with pork loin, as opposed to American bacon which is typically from pork belly. The loin is much leaner and less fatty than the belly, resulting in a much meatier texture. Our back bacon is over 80% leaner than regular American bacon, and is also uncured.

What is a rasher?

A rasher is the name given to an individual slice of back bacon. For our back-bacon, we slice our pork loin to yield approximately 12-14 rashers of bacon per pound. 

What is black and white pudding?

Black and white puddings are traditional staples of a Full English or Full Irish breakfast. Our black pudding is made with beef blood and mixed with oatmeal breadcrumbs and seasoning. Our white pudding is made with prime pork that is finely ground and mixed similarly to the black pudding.

How do you make your back bacon?

Our back-bacon is hand-trimmed, hand-rubbed and dry-cured to our authentic recipe that our owner, Nick, brought over from Yorkshire. Our back bacon is made with prime pork loin that we source in the Midwest, and that is reared without the use of hormones. We produce our back bacon in small batches in a licensed USDA-certified production facility in Illinois. Each batch is cured by our artisans for the traditionally meaty, slightly salty, unsmoked flavor of authentic pork loin bacon.

How authentic are your bangers?

At Jolly Posh we make popular renditions of classic bangers from home, using all US ingredients. There are over 300 different types of bangers sold in Britain & Ireland, and our true measure of authenticity is our expat and Anglophile customers who have purchased well over a million sausages and counting of our sausages over the last 12 years. Our bangers are stuffed into natural casings until they are thick, juicy and generously sized, just like buying from your local butcher back home.

How do you make your bangers?

Our bangers are made with prime cuts of quality pork that we source in the Midwest, and that is reared without the use of hormones. We produce our bangers in small batches in a licensed USDA-certified production facility. Each batch is traditionally seasoned with high quality herbs and spices for an authentic balance of flavors, texture, size and shape.  Great tasting bangers require great tasting ingredients, and ours are:

  • Plump with shiny skins
  • Well packed with no air bubbles
  • Made fresh (not fully cooked)
  • Blast frozen directly after production to preserve freshness and quality
  • Made with only 5% breadcrumbs to blend the meat and spices
  • In high quality, natural pork casings
  • Contain no Nitrites, Nitrates or MSG

What herbs and spices do you use in your bangers?

Bangers are typically made using salt and black or white pepper as the backbone for the seasoning blend, supported by cloves, ginger, nutmeg, mace, cayenne pepper and others. The most commonly used herbs are sage, parsley, chives, thyme, oregano, marjoram, mint and rosemary. Each of our bangers is made to a different seasoning blend using a selection of the ingredients above. We believe in full transparency, and you’ll see that the product descriptions for each banger clearly indicates the seasonings used. For example, our Traditional Bangers are seasoned with white pepper, nutmeg and ginger.

Are your bangers fully cooked?

The good news is that our bangers are not fully cooked. Our bangers are made raw and immediately ‘blast frozen’ for freshness and quality. Part of the fun of bangers is in the cooking, and by locking in the freshness we can ensure that you purchase products that are fitting of the heritage and tradition of butcher shops in Britain and Ireland.

How should I cook bangers?

Prior to cooking, please make sure that your bangers are thawed. Our bangers are delicious when pan-fried in a little oil, baked in the oven, or put on the grill. Cook the bangers for 12 – 15 minutes, turning occasionally until they are a crisp, golden brown and the centers are no longer pink. The bangers are thoroughly cooked when the internal temperature reaches 165 oF. For best results, avoid piercing the natural casing either before or during cooking. A high heat may split the natural casings.

How should I cook back bacon?

Our back-bacon is easy to cook, and sizzles in a little oil for 3-4 minutes on each size in the pan. It has a delicious meaty texture and is not smoked. Alternatively, bake our back bacon in a pre-heated oven at 375F for 15 minutes, or cook on a grill. Our back bacon is a raw product and should be cooked thoroughly prior to consumption.

How should I cook black and white pudding?

Our puddings come in individual 12oz tubes which each yield 10-12 portions. We recommend slicing our puddings with a very sharp knife. Carefully remove the casing prior to cooking. Our puddings are easy to cook – sizzle in a little oil for 3-4 minutes on each side in a pan. Alternatively, bake our puddings in a pre-heated oven at 375F for 15-20 minutes, or cook on a grill.

What is the shelf-life and how long will they keep?

For home freezing, freeze on the day of arrival and defrost and consume within nine months. Defrost thoroughly before use, and once defrosted, consume per the specifications below:





9 months

3 days

Back Bacon

9 months

14 days

Black/White Pudding

9 months

14 days


Can I buy your products in stores?

Our bangers, back-bacon and puddings are available in retailers across the country. Please contact us and we will endeavour to direct you to a nearby retailer. However, please note that because of the geographic size of the USA, our products are sold through a network of distributors and we often don’t know who their customers are, and therefore who is carrying our items.

Did You Know?

  • There are over 400 different types of British & Irish Banger sold in the UK & Ireland
  • Traditional British & Irish Bangers are made from a wide range of fillings (pork, beef, and venison are all common) and they are typically thick, generous and juicy
  • Bangers and bacon are two of Britain & Ireland’s most genuine and favorite foods, with celebrity fans including Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Caine, King Charles III, Queen Victoria, and Roger Moore
  • British & Irish Bangers have a milder, less salty flavor than their American counterparts, and the addition of a small amount of breadcrumbs softens both the texture and taste
  • Bangers are traditionally eaten at any time of day by the British & Irish. The average Brit eats over 10 pounds of sausage per year
  • At Christmas time, thin bangers are often wrapped in bacon and arranged around the family turkey.