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Cumberland Coil: 1lb
Jennifer Andrews
Fabulous foods

Tasty and great reminders of home


The bacon was so good reminded me of home it was simply delicious. I also bought the sausages, black and white pudding and it was all very good. It’s been a long time since I ate a British breakfast here in the US, so glad to have found this company, I will be ordering from them again. Thank you Jolly Posh Foods!




This item is perfect.

Taste of Home

Bacon rolls all around, we all loved the bacon. Trying the sausages next.

A taste of home!

I really enjoyed this box I miss home now and again but this box brings home to me. The products are great quality I loved having my sausage and egg sandwich 😀

Black Pudding: 12oz
Alex Murray

Black pudding is excellent I have tried numerous this is easily the best

Great taste

The bacon is excellent and sausage are even better …..must order more ….

White Pudding: 12oz
Lynn Lalima

Never had before bought the box set.definitely would buy again
Easy to make in fry pan

Good old fashioned bangers

These are, by far, the best tasting English sausages I have found in the States.
I'll be ordering them again!


Thoroughly enjoyed this sausage!!!

Black Pudding is delicious

Americans may be hesitant to try black pudding, but it is the most aromatic and flavorful part of an English breakfast. I can't eat a full breakfast every day, but black pudding, eggs, and toast is a perfect start to the day.

Simply delicious

Very delicious and not overly salty.

Quite delicious and hearty, unlike the American (streaky) bacon


Finally found a vendor who actually has superior quality products and knows how to pack and ship them.
Give them a try.

Better than home

Sunday tradition in our home bangers taste so good better than the ones we have back in England one thing I can say is the wife and are on a 85% plant based diet but the one meat we don’t give up is jolly posh bangers there that good


Tried the Lincolnshire Chipolatas for breakfast, May, 2023. Just like home. My wife who usually doesn't eat sausage tried one and ate it and the grandson too. Great.


Was looking forward to receiving my first order from Jolly Posh foods.
Bacon and white pudding were great.
However, I was disappointed in the taste of the chipolatas.
They were OK but not lime those I have eaten in UK and Ireland.
Just laced flavour

Never thought I could find bacon like this in the USA. Tastes just like my true home. My last order was 11 packs!

Excellent Sausages

I love these sausages, would really like Lincolnshire sausages in this size too, not the skinny chipolatas.

Sausages and bacon are a taste of home I have missed for the last 56 years!ordered on a Monday and x arrived on Wednesday still frozen. Thanks!

White Pudding: 12oz
Weston, Dylan

The taste was outstanding. The flavor was delicious. Also indistinguishable from British white pudding!!!


I loved the bacon. Most American bacon is fatty, but this bacon is not. It makes a perfect BLT!!


Bacon was very tasty and reminded me if breakfasts back home

Good bangers

They tasted different from the last ones I got have you changed the recipe?