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Flavor profile is on point.

We have been to England and my husband was born there. I have tried 2 other domestic brands of bangers and they pale in comparison to yours. They’re not greasy and overwhelming with spice. I preheated a cast iron skillet in 375 oven, baked 20 minutes turning once halfway through. Perfect


Great traditional british sausages!

great tasting

Best tasting sausages ever. And in natural casings. Here is a tip on cooking for those who say the casings were tough. We cook these, defrosted, in butter or oil slowly for at least 30 minutes in a frying pan on the stovetop until deep golden brown and the casings are very tender. As the directions say, DO NOT pierce the sausages or they will be dry, not juicy. Do not use a lid on the frying pan either or they might explode!

The back bacon had a lot more fat than the rashers I enjoyed in England. It was still very tasty.

Sausages and bacon

Bloody lovely. I enjoyed very bite.

Bangers worthy of the name

After 9 years of living in Florida I had come to hugely miss the taste of real sausages as found in England & Ireland. Then a friend persuaded me to try Jolly Posh and it was life changing. I couldn't be more pleased by both the pork and the pork & herb! Yay!

White Pudding: 12oz
Ann Hadzimihalis

My grandfather was a butcher and when they were cooking the black pudding I made sure I was there in the shop to get my sample. Your black pudding is a bit more dense than I was used to, my grandfather had some barley in his and it had more Jamaica pepper but this was a great buy.

Back Bacon: 32oz Bulk Pack
Ann Hadzimihalis
Great stuff

I am so tired of bacon that is nothing but fat. This was like being home again.


Just made Toad In The Hole with these sausages...delicious.

Real deal

Quality product, been looking for back bacon British style for a while. Trims well and cooks up nicely, makes a nice fry-up.

Not as good as I expected. Salty but lacking in flavor.

Not as good as I expected or as I had hoped for. Lacking in flavor.I have not tried the other items in my order but I’m hoping for a better oitcome


Came in a lage frozen brick so we defrosted in the fridge and split into managable packs to refreeze. We just returned from a trip to Europe and this bacon is as good and original to what we had in London and Dublin.


One word “marvelous”. To have a decent sausage sarnie means a lot. I will be a regular customer

Lincolnshire bangers

Tried the new Lincolnshire Bangers recently and once again, an excellent product. Have never been disappointed by anything purchased from Jolly Posh.

Happy Brit

A few days ago my cousin offered me a cup of tea, some toast and sausages on a plate with this sly look on her face. I assumed they were just regular US sausages of some kind. I was so wrong - Let me tell you when I bit into one of them I swore I was sitting at my mum's kitchen table back home in Bedford England. I literally fell to the floor because the taste was so delicious bringing me back to the good old days. She laughed and said "you can only have two cos I need them to last". What cheek! By far the best English sausages I've had since moving to the US years ago. I will be ordering some for my family and my son who is visiting will be quite please to get a taste of home. So glad I found you ------ THANK YOU.... THANK YOU.... THANK YOU.......

Pure Joy

My husband moved here from the UK 3 years ago and missed an English breakfast. We found this and placed an order and everything was exactly what we wanted. Delicious!

Best sausages

We have been searching for sausages that actually tasted like sausages from the UK. we have tried lots of different ones and these are by far the best. We love them..great for toad in the hole!

Back Bacon

I have read a great deal about back bacon and its use in a bacon butty, but I confess I had no direct experience of it. It was wonderful, and not at all what I expected. For instance, it was not at all like Canadian bacon, or at least what is sold as such in the US. It has a very deep pork flavor, and has a lovely gelatinous fat. I advise sauteeing it gently in a bit of butter, as it can dry out and become hard; also perhaps cover it while it browns; also it is good not to overly render the fat to keep it chewy not brittle. I tried it with worcestershire, hot sauce, and also with mostarda di cremona. I thought this latter might be too strong, but the bacon had such a strong pork flavor, it practically obliterated the strong mustard. Even my wife, who hates guanciale, loved this bacon.


This is the best Bacon I have found this side of the "Pond"! Great for Bacon Sarnies!!!!!!


Amazing flavor.


Food arrives extremely well packed. I think the breakfast sausages are my favorite. Baking the bacon in the oven worked better for me than frying it. The bacon ended up being tender using the oven method.

Bangers , my style !

These reminded me so much of home in Lancashire ! . They were very good ! Not eaten them all yet , but I know the rest will be just as good as the first pkg !Very moist and not one split in any ,when cooking. Kept their shape and no shrinkage !I do recommend these if you want to get the taste of home ! The herb seasoning was just right ! Just received them three days ago , so will definitely be ordering again !


These were very good; not overly spiced nor fatty. I recently had Bangers and Mash at the Emerald Loop in Chicago. Admittedly this is not an English pub--I did have on opportunity to have this at Elephant and Castle nearby but passed. The bangers at Emerald Loop were bloated and overly spiced; your product was greatly superior.


Tried the new Lincoln’s and a big hit with the family.
Just spent a couple of weeks in the UK visiting family and these are just like home.

The best in US

These are the best English type Bangers I have had in the US. ALMOST as good as those my Father used to buy in Bruton, Somerset!!
I'll be getting more for sure.