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Love this bacon!

I love Jolly Posh Foods’ bacon and sausages. It’s a taste of home. When I first came to the states I was disappointed that all the bacon was Streaky bacon which we never bought back home. I’m so happy to be able to buy this Back Bacon from Jolly Posh Foods. And the sausages are wonderful!


This bacon is sooo good! I miss the bacon from home and I’m so happy I took the chance by ordering. Will be ordering more of both the bacon and bangers!


I have been craving bangers and mash and these did not disappoint!! The were very good, just like home 🇬🇧

Just like the sauasges from home!

Amazing experience and taste.

absolutely lovely.

Black Pudding: 12oz
kimberly hardiman

Excellent product

Love Jolly Posh Foods bacon and sausages. Excellent products and very good shipping. I continue to order from them. A lovely taste of home!

The bacon taste so good, because I ordered the 32oz package, I wish it was packe I. 2 x 16oz packed so it would be easy to freeze one pack.
Wish you would sell Sausage rolls
I will be ordering again

These are so good, reminds me of home.
Customer service was awesome.
Because if weather delay the packs took a lot longer to arrive, however Jolly Posh food replace the entire order

Black Pudding: 12oz
Beth Elliott
The real deal.

What an excellent black pudding. I've been enjoying the heck out of this.

Cumberland Coil: 1lb
Beth Elliott
Hearty yet mild

This is a nice, unpretentious sausage that, of course, goes well with mash. The seasoning is subtle. The texture is nice and firm.


Ordered these along with several other items for my brother's birthday. This was the first product he tried and his exact words were " these are fantastic! Even the kids, who don't like sausage, loved these! "
We will definitely be ordering from you again!

Don’t just order one package, order several it’s that good. Served with the black pudding and wow what a great British meal. Highly recommend.

Absolutely delicious, just like you get in UK. I had to order some for my adult children and they love it as well.


My husband is from NZ and we’ve been trying to find good sausages stateside. These are amazing!!! Will be purchasing again

It was like I as back in Ireland! Great!

I'm a believer

Amazing. Just like what I grew up with. I was skeptical as to how close to the real thing these might be. Fantastic stuff!

Excellent Guilty Pleasure

Having consumed more than my fair share of bangers I am enabled to compare these Jolly Posh bangers with all those consumed in the UK. Other bangers tend to be bland and a compromise of quantity over quality. Jolly Posh bangers with herbs stand out and are the "star of the show" on a plate of mash, onion gravy and mushy peas which are the supporting cast. Top quality. The flavor of these less good bangers is otherwise drowned out by the supporting cast. Jolly Posh bangers with herbs are what the consumer remembers and craves from this plate. Well done and the best.

Top Notch and a Perfect Balance of Flavors

This black pudding is better than virtually all of the black puddings I have consumed in the UK and anywhere. Ingredients are already strong flavors which must be balanced and not "fight" with each other. Otherwise, the finished product will be over powering and dominated by an ingredient or two. These are the bad black puddings. Jolly Posh has found the tasty and correct balance of flavors to make the best pudding. Thanks Jolly Posh.

A taste of home!

Love it! We'll be 'back' for more!

Seasoning missing

Loved with the exception of being a little salt bland. I'm not a heavy salt person but my batch were definitely light on seasoning. Please take note. Thanks.

Great Sausages

Just like the Bacon … Fantastic. Love my sausage butty’s


Both the Bacon and the service were fantastic… so pleased we found Jolly Posh

Authentic British Taste

Ordered multiple items and my British hubby loves them. The pork and herb bangers are spot on. Highly recommend!

Favorite product I've tried so far.

The White Pudding is amazing. I've had it for Breakfast and Dinner. Highly recommend and will order again along with the Black Pudding.