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Outstanding Sausages

Your sausages are outstanding. We had the bangers and the ones with sage added. Both were wonderful. Brings me back to the days when we lived in the UK. You also have wonderful gammon bacon as well. Thank you.


After living in the USA for 26 years my family and I have never found anything close to the UK sausages until now. My two sons have always been fans of the UK bangers every time we go back to visit and now we have the perfect solution. We ate 24 within three days and will be ordering more.

The best

Not much more to say. Took me back to England. Making a toad in the hole next week. Mmmmmmmmmm

Black Pudding: 12oz
Nick Diment
Black Pudding

Tried the black pudding recently for the first time and pleasantly surprised by just how good it was. The perfect addition to help make my English Breakfast.
Will be ordering this again!

White Pudding: 12oz
Margaret Pitcock
Jolly good taste!

Really hits the spot as far as taste goes. I will be ordering again.

Breakfast Bangers: 1lb
Hugh Mannering
A full Irish / British breakfast

Everything about the order was good. Starting with the fast service, professional packaging, etc. The sausages were so close in taste to
what I remember growing up in Ireland. Sad to say, they didn't last very long. I should have placed a larger order, the taste was excellent. Same for the black and white puddings and the back rashers. The bangers need some seasoning.
Thank you.

I’ve had goods shipped in from all over the states the bacon and bangers were outstanding black and white puddin awesome flavor I always said Stornaway black pud from Scotland was the best but this one is right there with it only problem was some of my meat was starting to thaw after traveling 2 days all day in ups truck on delivery day so next time I will request for me to pick up at ups depot 5 mins from my house

First class

Excellent service and quality product. Will order again


The bangers are best. My two sons can’t get enough of them and will certainly be ordering again.
Can’t wait to eat the cumberland.

As hoped for

Bacon, sausage, black pudding and fried egg. Nostalgia on a plate. Tasted great ! Ready to repeat this any time. Thanks for these great products.

Dry-Cured Back Bacon: 8oz
Ben Nightingale
Bacon sarni

The bacon is as advertised, a taste not experienced for over 40 years!


Food is super good. Tastes just like the food I used to eat at home. Will be a repeat customer. Thankyou.

Breakfast Bangers: 1lb
Joanne Hamilton
Breakfast bangers

These need a bunch more seasoning very bland not what I has growing up

Dry-Cured Back Bacon: 8oz
Richard Ainsworth
Very impress

I must say that I was a little skeptical at first to try your products. I have purchased bacon from other stores before that are supposed to be like British bacon , but they were not even close!!. But you English Lady’s and Gentlemen have Hit the nail on the head , the bacon is dead on. I so enjoyed my bacon butty. I have yet to try your sausages but I will let you know in another review.

Cheers from Richard Ainsworth

White Pudding: 12oz
Elizabeth Ray

Like the white pudding.

Dam good bangers!!

We have been waiting 17 years to find a quality sausage. At last we have found it. Thanks Nick for pursuing your longing for the good old English bangers - excellent.

Sausage & Bacon Purchase

Very authentic has a Brit it was like home, the taste and consistency was just like home.

Best bangers!!

The most authentic bangers in North America!!
My family loved them, will order again.

Breakfast Bangers: 1lb
andrew partridge

I'm from England, these sausages are delicious, well seasoned, made from high quality pork and I'll be back for more!!

Good bacon but ...

Enjoyed the bacon (would love to have the rind still attached). The bangers and Cumberland sausages didn't quite make it. Meat ground a little fine and still missing the old home taste.

English bacon

Really enjoyed the bacon, but was overshadowed by how good the sausages and black pudding were. Will definitely be a repeat customer.

Dry-Cured Back Bacon: 8oz
Frank Vandevelde
British Grub

Waiting for years to buy English bangers, pudding and bacon. Everything I tried in the USA was made in Canada and not near the taste i wanted.
Also wish you could supply pork pies, sausage rolls and veal/ham pies. Highly recommend your product and service to all.

White Pudding: 12oz
Brenda O Brien
White pudding

Love your white pudding , I fry it crispy and make a sandwich with buttered toast.

Dry-Cured Back Bacon: 8oz
Joanne Hamilton
Best bacon

Loved the bacon, just like being back at home.🐷🐷

Black Pudding: 12oz
Elizabeth Ray
Disappointed Scot.

I enjoyed the white pudding and bacon very much. The sausage and black pudding were not what I remembered. I think maybe my expectations were too high. I will point out my order arrived in tact and still frozen which was great.