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Great food

Can’t get bread like that around here anymore. Really fantastic we will be ordering again

Everything was perfect.

Food was good and what I remembered. Delivered quickly and in good order.

Bang On

Although I have been away from my home Country England for 48 years I still recall the taste of everything from home. These bangers are spot on and I try and keep two packs in my freezer at all times you will not be disappointed so go ahead and order several packs


My English husband throughly enjoyed these.

Excellent Bangers

Great product highly recommended

Very nice sausage rolls

British bangers for the win

What bacon is supposed to be

Yummy part of Sunday fried breakfast

Really good authentic British bangers

The only proper mustard

The real deal

The taste of Christmas

This is an AMAZING dessert. Will definitely be purchasing again. My whole family loved this item the most from Jolly Posh.

So good!

These made for a quick dinner that everyone loved. Get a bottle of HP sauce and get stuck in!

Very Yummy!!!

I loved these mini baguettes. They exceeded my expections and are better than any of my local groceries & bakeries!They were so soft, tasty, and pure perfection. I will certainly purchase again!


These although on the small side and not as large as the traditional Cornish Ogie are very good. The filling and pastry are just right and very tasty, yes I will reorder.

Great dessert

These are great. Easy to heat in the oven, I didn't try using microwave, and very tasty served with some ice cream.

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David O shaughnessy
Just like back home

So happy I found your site.

Good Stuff

years ago I travelled to UK for work several times a year and really enjoyed the English breakfast.
The bangers and sausage rolls are very good and a great reminder.


Reminds me of the home country(England) Will order again.


Reminds me of home(Yorkshire)

Amazing stuff Haggis my all time favorite! then comes the meat pies so so good ..

Bangers are great!

I not only ordered the Bangers but the Chipolatas as well. Both are very tasty, and go great with some of my Mum’s recipes. Toad in the hole, Bangers in onion sauce, Scotch Eggs and Cold Bangers Sandwiches.

Very, God!

This pot pie was extremely tasty! Very full of flavor. I’m used to the regular pot pies from the grocery store, and I’m so glad I tried this! Excellent pie crust, too!