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Amazing, placing my 2nd order!!!

The best banger and perfect size

Cumberland bangers are the best of all. This is a great size for breakfast or for dinner as part of a mixed grill.
These are the bangers I remember

Perfect size and fantastic

Brought these out for breakfast. The plates were cleared at lightning speed!

First class banger

These bangers are perfection. They brought back all kinds of memories. I took them to a traditional South African braai and they were a huge hit.

More like Canadian Bacon

The rich aroma and smokiness is just not there. This is just like Canadian bacon. In fact there is not enough fat. Not as good as the slow smoked Wiltshire style I was hoping for when I lived in England and then South Africa.
My batches were quite flavorless.
However, still better than American bacon

Insurance is one thing, the sellers complete lack of disregard for quoted shipping and honest timeline rubbed me the wrong way.
If you quote “it’ll go out the door Monday” and 48 hours later it hasn’t gone out, don’t get short with me because you can’t deliver on a promise, set the bloody expectation and deliver on it

Sausage meat wasn’t good on the batch I had but the puff pastry was great

Just like you got them from the bakery on the way to work, first bite just as you remember them

Remember for many years my nana coming home with these from waitrose, or asda, I wish I could find them locally

The taste I’ve missed for weeks, and years before that, sausages are great, weight of the packages is a little under but the flavor was right there

Came frozen, but once it thawed out the smell and taste was great

Bacon is on point, reminder of why bacon and white powdered baps go with a little malt vinegar

Pork & Apple Bangers: 1lb
jim colliflower

great fresh flavor
enjoyed them for breakfast as well

I was very disappointing with the taste - not what the mother made for sure ..


Best bacon I have had since moving to America

Taste of home!!!

Excellent as always!!

Love it

Great combo

Sent as gift asking with sausages and bacon and my friend was thrilled

Back Bacon: 32oz Bulk Pack
Victoria Bartell
Tasty Bacon

I love this bacon, the best Bacon Sandwich's ,

Foil Tins
Sheila Simuel
Very Beneficial

Loved that these tins came with the kit. What a great idea

Back Bacon: 32oz Bulk Pack
Ronald Ballantine
Very tasty, enjoyed it very much!

The hardest thing was to restrict myself from eating too much.

What bacon should be in the USA. Delicious and no excess fat.

Great service! First order UPS dropped the ball big time so the food arrived thawed. The owner resent the order for no charge via FedEx.

Potato Bread
Andrea Murray
potato scones

Very good but a little bit too thick. Other than that the taste was just like it was supposed to be.

Unique Flavor

I liked the Pork and Leek sausage.
As with all Jolly Posh’s products, they are not loaded with fat.
The addition of leeks gives the sausage a subtle flavor that makes them unique.
I recommend them for everyone, young and old.

Black Pudding: 12oz
Ed oppermann
The correct seasonings

My wife is from Scotland so I've had black pudding there several times in the last 48 years. We tried the black pudding from one of the "other guys" but, theirs was rather bland (to put it nicely). Yours definitely has more of the taste I remember and was hoping for. A wee bit more pepper and a larger diameter would be nice. But I can add pepper and the size doesn't affect the taste. All in all a great product. We'll be back.