Enjoy the Taste of Home With Our Proper British Bacon

Are you longing for the taste of proper British bacon in the comfort of your home in the USA? Well, look no further! At Jolly Posh Foods, we pride ourselves on bring. . . Read More >

Are you longing for the taste of proper British bacon in the comfort of your home in the USA? Well, look no further! At Jolly Posh Foods, we pride ourselves on bringing the authentic flavour of proper British bacon to tables across America. 

Our British back bacon is artisanally made in small batches here in the USA, and it tastes just like you bought it from your local butchers back home.


Happiness is a Plate of British Bacon

Are you looking for somewhere to buy British back bacon in the USA? Crafted with time-honoured traditions and high-quality pork, our British bacon rashers bring an English breakfast to American tables. Each slice is meticulously cured to perfection, ensuring a rich and delicious flavour with every mouthful.

For the Brits, a bacon butty is the go-to food choice for those early kick-off times and even for attending a family gathering in the summer. A classic bacon sandwich is a simple pleasure that brings communities together. So, we aim to take you on that trip down memory lane and provide everything you need to recreate your favourite bacon memories and taste those succulent English bacon flavours once again.


If you have a hankering for some proper British back bacon rashers, we highly recommend our Bacon Butty Box, replete with both our bacon rashers and our perfectly baked flour-dusted, soft white baps!

We have been making proper British meats in the USA since 2009 and founded Jolly Posh Foods with a single purpose - to provide you with a true taste of home. 


Our promise to you:

  • Free shipping and thermal packing on orders over $100

  • Delicious, classic British bacon flavours

  • Meticulous preparation and packaging, right to your door

  • A first-class service, from placing your order to delivery

  • Authentic produce that reflects the British heritage

Delicious Extras to Put on Your Family Table

Are you craving the unique tastes of Heinz Beans, some sizzling Pork and Herb Bangers or gasping for a proper cup of PG Tips? Head over to our pantry and succulent British sausages to discover some favourite extras, which are ideal for completing those proper British fry-ups!

Additionally, our British Boxes (now being called ‘Selection Boxes) are a customer favourite! Here, you can grab many of our much-loved foods, such as British Bacon Butty BoxesBritish Breakfast BoxesBritish Sausages Selection Boxes and much more! 

Free Shipping on All Orders Over $100. Or, Stock Up and Save More!

If there’s one thing the Brits love it’s finding a good deal! We offer free shipping and thermal packing on all orders over $100 and better yet, you can receive an extra $20 off your order if you spend over $200.

We typically ship packages within 24 - 48 hours of receiving an order. For more information and our terms and conditions, please visit our shipping policy page.

We pride ourselves on packaging your British bacon in a secure and timely fashion. As your delivery contains perishable goods, the utmost care and attention is given during processing your order, and we strongly recommend that you are on hand to receive your goods! We place all orders in thermal packaging to ensure the freshness of your food.

We are incredibly confident that you will love your order of British bacon rashers, but don't forget - we offer a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee if it’s not your cup of tea.

If you’ve been struggling to find somewhere to buy back bacon in the USA, we have been providing premium-quality foods since 2009, and we are committed to continually sharing the taste of authentic British cuisine and first-class service with our valued customers across the USA.


Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst American bacon comes from the belly, British back bacon is cut from the loin making it leaner, juicier and more meaty. A slice of British-style bacon is called a "rasher" and each slice has a "strap" of fat that adds something to the taste.

We sell a wide variety of British foods that are available across America! From English pantry staples to mouthwatering pies and bread, we are sure that you’ll choose Jolly Posh Foods to feed your family some delicious British foods, every time! 

Our British back bacon rashers will last for up to nine months frozen and will keep for up to fourteen days when refrigerated.

We ship out packages on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week. If you order at the start of the week you can typically expect your package to ship within 24 - 48 hours of receiving an order. Orders received Thursday to Sunday will be held for dispatch the following week as our products are highly perishable and we don’t want frozen goodies having to transit over the weekend.

We typically ship packages within 24 - 48 hours of receiving an order. Shipping times may vary depending on your location, but we strive to deliver your British sausages as quickly as possible in secure thermal packaging, ensuring they arrive fresh.

British & Irish bacon is traditionally called “back bacon” because it is made with pork loin, as opposed to American bacon which is typically made from pork belly. The loin is much leaner and less fatty than the belly, resulting in a much meatier texture. Our back bacon is over 80% leaner than regular American bacon and is also uncured.