Pork & Herb Bangers: 1lb
Pork & Herb Bangers: 1lb
Pork & Herb Bangers: 1lb
Pork & Herb Bangers: 1lb
Pork & Herb Bangers: 1lb

Pork & Herb Bangers: 1lb

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Our Pork & Herb Bangers are a long-time Farmer’s Market favourite. Made with prime cuts of succulent pork, these sausages are hugely herby with sage, thyme and parsley.

Each pack contains six hearty, butcher’s style banger sausages, lovingly made to my time-honoured, Pork & Herb recipe. Ideal for Bangers & Mash, or in a sausage sandwich with caramelized onions.

They are easy to cook – pop in the pan, sizzle on the grill, or bake in the oven… until plump, juicy and bursting with flavour. 


  • Our artisanal recipe
  • Filled with Midwest sourced pork raised without hormones
  • 45% less salt than regular pork sausages
  • Hugely herby with sage, thyme and parsley
  • In natural pork casings
  • Blast frozen to seal in freshness and quality
  • Free of Nitrites, Nitrates and MSG

This is a raw product and ships frozen in a reusable thermal cooler with dry-ice and ice brix.

Allergen: Contains 5% breadcrumbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Audrey Roth

Did not eat these yet but the Cumberland sausage was excellent, just as I remember it from my childhood in England.

Anthony Ramswell
Pork and herb

These where well made and great tasting. Very enjoyable went well with home mashed potatoes

Chewy casings.....

Great taste, not to Herby but the casing is very chewy....yuk

Ronald Palmer
Great Bangers!

Love these bangers my favorit...

Nicole Phillips
Delicious Sausages - Finally!

Have been craving sausages for a long time but had found nothing that was even close to what we were used to in Australia. Thankfully these were delicious We really enjoyed our bangers and mash. Thankyou

Julie Fox
Best sasauges and bacon this side of the pond

My husband and I left England 46 years ago, we missed a lot of things food wise but the biggie was sasauges, American sasauges were just not the same, we adapted over the years to American bacon (always wondered why the canadians got the good ends). Last thing we always did on leaving Heathrow was to have a full englsh breakfast and that had to last us until the next trip. Not anymore the sasauges are fantastic and so is the back bacon. Cannot believe the small amount of grease that come out of the sasauges and bacon. Have tried the pork bangers , back bacon have not tried the herb sasauge yet but expect them to be exceptional like the other products. Love the free shipping that is included. I ordered in January so cool weather product the food was still frozen but wonder if they will remain frozen in middle of summer.Just a thought .bill defiantly order again.

Jeremy Stegall

Awesome bangers!

Davy Wotton
A taste of the homelands

Very good product l would prefer just a little more seasoning..but then thats my taste buds.

Liz Faller
Great products!

Thank you Jolly Posh! These bangers were a hit with the customer I ordered these for!