Traditional Pork Bangers: 1lb
Traditional Pork Bangers: 1lb
Traditional Pork Bangers: 1lb
Traditional Pork Bangers: 1lb
Traditional Pork Bangers: 1lb
Traditional Pork Bangers: 1lb

Traditional Pork Bangers: 1lb

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Our best-selling Traditional Pork Bangers are a quintessential classic. Made with prime cuts of succulent pork, these fabulous sausages are delicately seasoned with white pepper, nutmeg and ginger.

Each pack contains six hearty, butcher’s style British sausages, lovingly made to my time-honoured, traditional recipe. These are perfect for a Full English breakfast, a delicious Bangers & Mash, or with crisp Yorkshire Pudding for a superb Toad-in-the-Hole. 

They are easy to cook – pop in the pan, sizzle on the grill, or bake in the oven… until plump, juicy and bursting with flavour.


  • Our artisanal recipe
  • Filled with Midwest sourced pork raised without hormones
  • 45% less salt than regular pork sausages
  • Delicately seasoned with white pepper, nutmeg and ginger
  • In natural pork casings
  • Blast frozen to seal in freshness and quality
  • Free of Nitrites, Nitrates and MSG

This is a raw product and ships frozen in a reusable thermal cooler with dry-ice and ice brix.

Allergen: Contains 5% breadcrumbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 111 reviews
Brian Wilkinson
very disappointed

the delivery arrived and in good condition. the contents agreed with the order listing. The solid CO2 was still keeping the contents frozen. Once unpacked I left most contents frozen and placed them in a freezer to remain frozen. I allowed one bacon pack, one sausage pack, and the black pudding to defrost slowly while in the refrigerator. I then followed your recommendations and cooked all three items.What a let down! All three sausages, bacon, and black pudding were all totally without any taster flavor. The material looked fine fine but nothing tasted of any thing all was just bland not even salty. I was very very disappointed!

Brian Mallon
Excellent! A true taste of "home".

Excellent! A true taste of "home".

Steve Wooff

Excellent sausage !

Karen Di Massa
Completely thrilled

These sausages make for the perfect fry-up. I've ordered from other British Food stores in the US but Jolly Posh is the best!

margaret deglau
Aussie sausages

As an aussie living overseas, I have missed my childhood favorite "meat". This is the closest and best I have come to since leaving my home many years ago, and I have "searched". I will be a repeat customer!!!

Traditional Pork Bangers

My recollection of English bangers from fairly deep into the last century is that you DID have to prick them because they were so full of fat and rubbish......but they WERE good. These bangers are really excellent pork sausages. As the orders go....don't prick them and cook them as directed.. They are absolutely DELICIOUS.

Johan Gormal

Perfectly delicious, arrived in two days. Will order again.

Barbara B
A taste of home!

Oh how I have missed my bangers! These sausages are as close and as authentic, from what I could get from my local butcher back in Yorkshire. Love them!

Ruth Samuel
Wonderful, hot or cold.

I have already converted some Americans to the love of bangers. I see more customers in the future!