Cumberland Coil: 1lb
Cumberland Coil: 1lb
Cumberland Coil: 1lb

Cumberland Coil: 1lb

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Properly peppery with black, white and cayenne peppers.

Nothing beats a classic Cumberland coil. Made with prime cuts of succulent pork, our Cumberland sausage is properly peppery with a blend of black, white and cayenne peppers.

Each pack contains a 16oz Cumberland sausage coil, lovingly made to my time-honoured, traditional recipe. Serve hot off the grill on a warm summer day to impress your most discerning guests.

Our bangers are easy to cook – pop in the pan, sizzle on the grill, or bake in the oven… until plump, juicy and bursting with flavour.


  • 1 Large Coil per pack (1lb)
  • Our artisanal recipe
  • Filled with Midwest sourced pork raised without hormones
  • 45% less salt than regular pork sausages
  • Traditional Cumberland coil with blended peppery seasoning
  • In natural pork casings
  • Blast frozen to seal in freshness and quality
  • Free of Nitrites, Nitrates and MSG

Ingredients: Pork, water, breadcrumbs (wheat flour, salt, leavening), salt, spices, BHA, BHT, citric acid (to protect flavour).

This is a raw product and ships frozen in a reusable thermal cooler with dry-ice and ice brix.

Allergen: Contains 5% breadcrumbs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
mike robertori
Breakfast Bangers!

Yum! Just like regular bangers, but smaller (breakfast-sized) links.

Dr. J. Paul Massam
I knew the Cumberland coil would be good, but....

I had quite forgotten what the real McCoy tasted like. A winner, believe me...!!!

John Clarke
Cumberland Coil

Nailed it! Seasoning and consistency was perfect.

Ellie Muhr
Great sausage

I felt like I was back home when I was eating it! It’s great to have someone who know what they’re doing when I comes to British food! Thanks for doing what you’re doing!

Mick Quirke
Loved It

Love the taste of the Cumberland sausage.

Beth Elliott
Hearty yet mild

This is a nice, unpretentious sausage that, of course, goes well with mash. The seasoning is subtle. The texture is nice and firm.

Kim Gardner

My British husband cannot get enough, excellently made and high quality banger just like you’d get at the butcher down the road in the UK. Highly highly recommend, we love it

The Real Deal

My parents are expats, came to California for a 2 year contract in 1964 but chose to stay. My Dad said he discovered a California Winter is just like a Welsh Summer. His quote "OH, now that's bloody good Banger!". That is the highest level of praise from him.

Craig Bayless
Cumberlands are great. Had bangers and mash for Xmas eve dinner!

Very good. Would purchase again.