Back Bacon: 8oz Retail Pack
Back Bacon: 8oz Retail Pack
Back Bacon: 8oz Retail Pack
Back Bacon: 8oz Retail Pack

Back Bacon: 8oz Retail Pack

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This 8oz pack contains approximately 6-7 rashers, just like buying from your local supermarket or butcher back home. 

Our back bacon is hand-trimmed, hand-rubbed, and dry-cured to our authentic British recipe. Our speciality bacon is called back-bacon because it is made with pork loin, and is much leaner than American bacon which is made from pork belly.

Each pack is 8oz and contains approximately 6-7 rashers per pack. Fabulous as part of a traditional Full English breakfast or in an amazing BLT, it also works brilliantly as an ingredient in quiche, carbonara and soups.

Our back-bacon is easy to cook, and sizzles in a little oil for 3-4 minutes on each size in the pan. It has a delicious meaty texture and is not smoked.


  • Our artisanal recipe
  • Filled with Midwest sourced pork raised without hormones
  • 80% less fat than regular American bacon
  • Hand-trimmed and dry-cured to our artisanal recipe
  • Blast frozen to seal in freshness and quality
  • Free of MSG

Ingredients: Pork loin, salt, sugar, sodium nitrite, sodium ascorbate.

This is a raw product and ships frozen in a thermal cooler with dry-ice and ice packs. Upon arrival, it can be kept frozen for up to six months. 

Allergen free. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 388 reviews
Colette Stover
Fry up anyone!

Always makes me think of home when I eat this, doesn’t matter if it’s a bacon sarnie or a good ole fry up with bangers and black pud. Scrummy!

Sarah Carabell
Just like back home

Nothing says home (England) like a real bacon sandwich. Takes me right back! I will be ordering all my bacon and sausages from here from now on!

Bruce Wilkinson
A flavorful Surprise

For the dozens of times that I have been to Ireland & England, I ate my share of Irish Bacon & this product is very flavorful, It has quickly become a family favorite. We all recommend this product to be top notch in it's class.

Philip Ryan
Did not disappobt

Again reminded me of the danish bacon I had growing up. Delicious!

Ida Kessler
Back Bacon

Bacon was just as I remembered it from London. Truly amazing and delightful. Absolutely will be ordering more.

John Serembe
Great bacon!

Makes a fabulous full brekkie- and butty!

Valerie Kane
Loved it

I have tried the bacon and it is super. Not tried the sausages as yet. The packaging is top notch all came frozen with the ice packs which can be used again plus the cool box it all came in. Yes great job of shipping, thank you.

Linda Lalima
Didn’t like

Shared to a coworker not sired he tried yet
Brought to family I cooked one bag I was not crazy about and no body else tried. I did 5 minutes on each side in a frying pan with EVOO.

Bangers Mate

Nancy made Bangers and Mash last night and it was pretty good. The sausages were fine. The only issue was the casings seemed a bit tough to cut into. She said she could take the casings off after cooking but i could do that also. I thought the meat was a bit spicy but Nancy didn't agree. The sausages were cooked on an air fryer instead of cooking in the oven. That seemed to work well. We even had Bisto gravy to put on everything. We will be ordering again....

The bacon was great.... we had a bacon butty with a bagel one day and another with a bolillo the second day. I had never heard for Bolillos until we moved to South West Arizona. (A bolillo or pan francés is a type of savory bread made in Mexico and Central America. It is a variation of the baguette, but shorter in length and is often baked in a stone oven. Brought to Mexico City in the 1860s by Emperor Maximilian's troupe of cooks, its use quickly spread throughout the country). I remember the greasy bacon buttys I had in York just off the shambles but I digress.. The cuts of bacon were a bit smaller then our last source but over all brilliant. Now to find a new source for Pork Pies.