Dry-Cured Back Bacon: 8oz
Dry-Cured Back Bacon: 8oz
Dry-Cured Back Bacon: 8oz
Dry-Cured Back Bacon: 8oz
Dry-Cured Back Bacon: 8oz
Dry-Cured Back Bacon: 8oz
Dry-Cured Back Bacon: 8oz

Dry-Cured Back Bacon: 8oz

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Our back-bacon is hand-trimmed, hand-rubbed and dry-cured to our authentic British recipe. Our speciality bacon is called back-bacon because it is made with pork loin, and is much leaner than American bacon which is made from pork belly.

Each pack is 8oz and contains approximately 6-7 rashers per pack. Fabulous as part of a traditional Full English breakfast or in an amazing BLT, it also works brilliantly as an ingredient in quiche, carbonara and soups.

Our back-bacon is easy to cook, and sizzles in a little oil for 3-4 minutes on each size in the pan. It has a delicious meaty texture and is not smoked.


  • Our artisanal recipe
  • Filled with Midwest sourced pork raised without hormones
  • 80% less fat than regular American bacon
  • Hand-trimmed and dry-cured to our artisanal recipe
  • Blast frozen to seal in freshness and quality
  • Free of MSG

 This is a raw, cured product and ships frozen in a reusable thermal cooler with dry-ice and ice brix.

Allergen free. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Darren Roberts

Just as it should be, glad I ordered 4lbs, won’t last long in our house

Philip Burke
Bacon Expert

I rate myself as a bacon connoisseur and test and eat a lot of bacon globally.
This bacon was simple and excellent.
Our family is in the food business and this will be a repeat order.

The only bacon we've found that is almost the same as English bacon

Jolly Posh Foods back bacon is the ONLY (and we've tried most of the British food on-line and local stores) bacon we've found that even comes close to British bacon. It's tasty, salty and (nearly) thin enough. Good quality meat and very tasty. Its still slightly too pricey but we will order again (just not as frequently as we might if the price was a little more reasonable).

Bringing home the bacon

Shipped very fast. Excellent product. Just as I remembered it when I was a lad in England!

Jeremy Stegall
Really good back bacon!

Great bacon that I eat in my breakfasts.

Mark Stephens
Better bacon

This back bacon is better than any bacon I ate in the UK.Yet again the quality is first class.Anyone reading this should try this product,you will not be disappointed.


This is great bacon. I made butties... just like the Old Country.

Barry Fenwick

Really good quality

John Raisbeck
Excellent product

Great product. Dont forget to grill these under a broiler and don't overcook. They are lean, moist and succulent!