Back Bacon: 32oz Bulk Pack
Back Bacon: 32oz Bulk Pack
Back Bacon: 32oz Bulk Pack
Back Bacon: 32oz Bulk Pack
Back Bacon: 32oz Bulk Pack

Back Bacon: 32oz Bulk Pack

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Our back-bacon is hand-trimmed, hand-rubbed and dry-cured to our authentic British recipe. Our speciality bacon is called back-bacon because it is made with pork loin, and is much leaner than American bacon which is made from pork belly.

This family-size pack is 32oz (2lbs) and contains approximately 26 - 28 rashers. Fabulous as part of a traditional Full English breakfast or in an amazing BLT, it also works brilliantly as an ingredient in quiche, carbonara and soups.

Our back-bacon is easy to cook, and sizzles in a little oil for 3-4 minutes on each size in the pan. It has a delicious meaty texture and is not smoked.


  • Made with prime Midwest pork loin raised without hormones
  • 80% less fat than regular American bacon
  • Hand-trimmed and dry-cured to our artisanal recipe
  • Blast frozen to seal in freshness and quality
  • Free of MSG

This is a raw, cured product and ships frozen in a reusable thermal cooler with dry-ice and ice brix.

Allergen free. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 103 reviews
B A C O N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Worth every bite!
I have been missing British Bacon for 3 years now, and for the 3 years before that! Now we found Jolly Posh, I will no longer have to spend a thousand bucks for a rasher or ten!!!
Packaging is outstanding and worth the cost! Do not think you are getting scammed; it is well worth it! Everything came frozen still even though it had been in several places but ultimately in the non-air-conditioned truck on a day where it was 103 degrees F traveling around several neighborhoods and landing at its final resting place!

Mark Berry
Nothing like a bacon butty!!!

One of the things I miss most about the U.K is a nice bacon butty in the morning. I had previously had bacon shipped in but the shipping costs were astronomical and then, Jolly Posh Foods pops up on my Facebook newsfeed and, eureka!!!! The only problem with it is that it's so good we can't stop eating bacon :). The free shipping is a very nice touch too. Customer for life.

phyllis anderson

The only bacon I buy now. I have been in the US for 30yrs after emigrating from Scotland. American bacon while very tasty has way more fat so this is not only very tasty but I feel a little healthier 😋

Paul Kelleher

Excellent product. Fresh tasting and simply delicious

michael phillips
Difficult to Use in large pack

We had a small pack before and it was very nice. So I ordered the larger pack to cut cost, but it is all in one frozen pack and it will need to be all thawed out to just use a couple of slices. I suggest you split the larger pack into 4 equal separate wrapped parts so one can be thawed and used at a time.

Alice Eastman
Separation of bacon

I would like to see some kind of separation of the bacon so you can pull out about 6 pieces at a time. As they need to stay frozen it is hard to separate the full 32 ounces. I am cooking some tonight. I can't wait

Linda McKendrick
So happy I found you...

After a trip to Scotland and England with my son and grandson I wanted to share the wonderful food we had with the rest of the family. I was surprised to find exactly what I wanted online, and we had an excellent breakfast-for-dinner last night. Both the bangers and rashers were as good as what we had in the UK. Thanks.

Kristen Richards
Perfect Gift for my British Husband

This was the perfect gift for my husband. He misses the full English breakfast from home and because of Jolly Posh, I was able to make exactly that for his birthday this year. Really enjoyed this and the order and delivery were great as well.

Paul Kohn

The problem is that you have to defrost the whole package for a few rashers .
Who eats 2lbs of bacon in one sitting other than a restaurant .Do not think it is good to re freeze .