“The bangers are spectacular!”, Alastair Peters

“We served your sausages to a friend from London and he said they were fantastic - there were no left-overs!”, Chloe Nowak

“Top marks on the Bangers”, Mick Page

"Nicholas, these rocked! My wife said they were the BEST she's ever had! My kids were chanting "bangers, bangers, bangers." Okay, so we need more…”, Sean Brady 

“Sausages were AWESOME! I served them with a mustard mash last night - yummy!”, Hannah Brown 

“My husband and I loved the sausages and I have discovered my neighbours are also fans following buying a stock at a farmer's market!”, Deb Andrews

“We'll be dropping in again soon - we got through all of it pretty quickly! Loved it!”, Alex Griffiths

“Picked them up-- they thawed overnight and I just took the plain bangers out of the oven... they make me homesick for the UK and are just perfect!  Many thanks!”, Teresa Albor

"I cooked up some Jolly Posh bacon yesterday and it was one of the best cuts of bacon I've had in a very long time. Definitely a huge fan here!!!”, Ryan Langley

“Hi Nick, we had a fantastic response to your bangers and bacon!! We grilled them and our friends devoured them!!!”, Adam F. Griffiths

“Nothing better than a bacon butty on a cold damp morning!  Yum Yum”, Susan Claremont

"Your sausages and bacon get the big 'thumbs up' from your harshest critic probably ever. He said they tasted just like nanny's in England", Suzun Edmead

“Thoroughly enjoyed the sausage and bacon. A very welcome taste of England”, George Aye

“In other words - decent sausages!!! Yes! Finally.  You have to be a Brit abroad to understand my excitement”, Toni Hargis

“The back bacon is very, very good, some of the best I've tasted!  Better quality pork, better salt balance, and a more fat-generous trim than your competitors.  The bangers are also very good”, Carlos Souffront

“Your bacon is absolutely phenomenal!”, Jeff Skender

“We did some sampling with friends and family in from the UK over the past couple of days and there has been a resounding positive response from everyone!”, Craig Winning

“Excellent sausages I really enjoyed them”, Jeff Jacobs

“Tried the sausage and bacon, excellent!”, Nicholas Davies 

“Just had a couple of those bangers you brought by the house. Damn good. Nice soft texture”, Matt Strothoff

"Dishing up delicious bangers for new converts to Spencer's at the Red Lion...it hasn't been a hard sell! They're wonderful", Susan Barton